Summer Sabbatical

At the beginning of every month, I sit down with my bullet journal and set out my goals for the weeks ahead: hit a revenue goal for my freelance work, read a certain number of books, write x amount of words on my current WIP, go to the gym, and write at least two blog posts. It always seems manageable on the page. And then the new month starts and my plans meet reality. Sometimes, I’ve planned well and I easily surpass my goals. But more often than not, something gets shunted the side. Work takes up more hours than I thought it would and I don’t get to the gym as often as I’d like. My novel hits a snag and I have to take the time to work it out before I can add more words to the page. I fall into a reading slump and nothing I pick up gets finished. Shit happens.

Lately, the thing that has been falling down the priority list is this blog. No matter how many post topics I brainstorm or how many times I put “write a blog post” on my to-do list, it doesn’t seem to happen. But it has caused all kinds of guilt and stress. Which is dumb because no one is forcing me to maintain this blog. I do it, ostensibly, because I love it. That’s always been the driving force. But at the moment, every fiber of my writing brain is focused on the second draft of my WIP. Shiny new ideas have fallen by the wayside. This blog has taken a backseat as I charge toward the finish line of this rewrite. Even other goals like getting back into running have been drowned out by the steadily growing voice inside me that says, this could be the story that actually gets published.

So I’ve decided to stop beating myself about it and give into the single-minded focus that seems to be required to finish this story. There are things that I can’t give up, like work and my health. But I can step away from this space until the job is done. So like a professor who peaces out to work on a research project, I’m officially on sabbatical until the fall. If you’d like to keep up with how the writing is going, I’ll still be posting to Instagram and Twitter. But until I have a completed, revised draft in hand, this space will be quiet.

See you on the other side!

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