Hi, I’m Candace! I write stories and devour books like it’s my job. One day, I hope it will be. But in the meantime, I write because it’s who I am. Like pretty much every bookworm cliché, I’m an introvert who drinks too much coffee and has a cat. I also have a dog, a mental illness, and a taste for red wine. I’m a woman of color who grew up in upstate New York but moved to Atlanta for no other reason than because I believed that was where I was meant to be. Considering this is where I met my husband and built a life for myself, I’m pretty sure I was right. But based on the political situation in the state of Georgia, I constantly doubt that verdict.

This blog is for anyone who dreams of being a writer one day and wants to know that they’re not alone in struggling to make it happen. There are a million writing and book blogs out there, plus books, podcasts, and YouTube channels. The world probably doesn’t need another writing blog any more than it needs another book. Except that it does. Because someone out there needs it, even if it’s only the person writing it.

I wanted to share my writing journey because I think a lot of times we only hear about it after the fact. We hear “how I landed my agent” stories and stories about getting a million rejections before finally becoming an “overnight” success. These stories are helpful and inspiring, but we know going in that they have happy endings. I don’t know how my story ends, but I think it’s worth telling and telling honestly.